Connecting the Dotsneunzehn77 – Connecting the Dots

neunzehn77 explores the different sides to every story and aims to connect all necessary dots, resulting in tailor-made communication solutions. To me, bridging gaps between diverging positions and diving deep into the many layers of a project, is vital to every successful media plan. Proceeding every project, there’s a phase of thorough research. Here I ensure all factors are mapped out nicely and the right strategy can be developed. From here we’ll take it to the next level.

From tailor-made communication strategies to finding the right tone and visual identity

neunzehn77 likes working on the interface between different disciplines, bringing together the right people and ideas – connecting the dots. This goes for internal, as well as external communication. My fields of experience include:  Music, Festivals, Travel & Food. But I’m also open for other industries, as I like to broaden my horizon and expand my knowledge with each new project I’m taking on.


Communication, PR & Social Medianeunzehn77 Communication, PR & Social Media

Modern communication consists not only of thorough PR and genuine story telling, it’s all about finding the right channels for your audience. Online, as well as offline. Building strong partnerships is equally essential for successful communication, as are relevant texts and the right visual identity.

neunzehn77 helps you to set up a consistent communication for your business, finding the right voice and visual language for you and your clients, guests and visitors. I will help you to communicate your brand in a consistent way through engaging storytelling and appealing imagery – far from boring stock photography.


I always like to collaborate with experts from different fields to ensure the best possible result. Please get in touch and we can talk about the possibilities.


Photography neunzehn77neunzehn77 Photography

Growing up in the Ruhrgebiet during the late 1970s and 80s left an indelibly imprint. The love for industrial aesthetics and the ability to see the beauty in the ordinary certainly stems from there and then. But also a longing for distant places, vast landscapes, patterns and structures are deeply rooted in my photography and determine my style to date. Other influences are contemporary art and design, typography and language. They all add to determine my visual language, which I’m continuously developing as I’m learning along the way. Check out my photography and blog to get an impression.


77bwneunzehn77 – mehr als die Summe der einzelnen Teile

The year I was born never failed to fascinate me. Apparently Elvis had died just before I entered the world, and some fabulous music was released. It was also a great year for punk rock, home computers and the first Star Wars film premiered. Here’s a list of some amazing things that happened in 1977, in case you’re interested. When I first had to think of a name for the emerging internet platforms (using a pseudonym was quite en vogue back in the day),  I came up with a combination of the German spelling for nineteen and the wonderful numeric addition of 77. As my first name also starts with an N it became almost like a synonym. Today, neunzehn77 has its own identity, as well as its own aesthetics. Of course it still shares some of its owner’s DNA, such as core values and a certain intuition. But the sum is more than its individual parts – mehr als die Summe der einzelnen Teile.