With a love for Bauhaus as well as steel, concrete and glass, Nina Dörner is a real child of the Ruhrgebiet. Clear structures, rusty constructions, the architecture between the late 1960s and 1980s, and the process of decay especially attract her.

She treasures the beauty of things many cast away and has a trained eye for crooked details. Urban sujets juxtapose with landscape motifs and natural textures and despite of Nina’s proclivity for man-made constructions, she is just as fascinated by the astounding patterns nature creates. It’s these contradictions she seeks to capture and unite in her photography. Light and shadow, clear lines and harsh contrasts accumulate to a special liking for black and white photography.
In her recent work, she becomes more interested in colour. The subtleness, nuances and transiency is what fascinates her most. She tries to comprehend life its many facets by  capturing the beauty of everyday life. May it be during her travels or just on her regular walks through Berlin – through her photography, Nina creates possibilities to revisit and re-interpret  moments long passed. Without judging, leaving space for new perspectives as the journey continues.