You can find Nina’s cv here:


CV_English version

CV_German version



In short (my version of a cv):

I studied Dutch-German Relations in Münster (Germany) and Nijmegen (The Netherlands) and graduated with a Master degree in 2006.

I’ve worked many years in the music industry as a press promoter and marketeer. I’ve also worked in the travel industry, where I was responsible for the communications, marketing and PR of a mid-sized hotel company.

Things that I like and look for, professionally: great team, managing different projects, a variety of tasks, colleagues with open minds and open attitudes, friendliness, being allowed to make mistakes and learn from them, international atmosphere, genuineness.

More recently I started to work as a photographer, a field which I have to fully discover yet and I’m learning more every day. Have a look at my photography if you like.

What else? I’m good at languages. German (native), Dutch (bilingual proficiency) and English (C2) – I use all of them every day, written and spoken. Italian, another old favourite of mine, I picked up learning again recently. Seems to be good for your brains. And then there’s a bit of French left from school. If I could have an extra brain, I would add Norwegian and Chinese to the bunch. And Icelandic. So it’s probably good I don’t have an extra brain.

Other things good for my brain (and for the soul and ultimately for the belly): art, design, food, people, drinks, music, nature, architecture, long walks, short walks, seaside, typography, magazines, internet, vintage, travel, time. And reading. And doing. And learning new stuff. Maybe it’s good for your brain too. Try it!